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Around the clock 8 800 700-81-80


Our company offers services for both individuals and for businesses.

For legal entities:


We organize events at the highest level for your managers, colleagues, partners, distributors in Russia and the CIS, and abroad:

  • organization of the short-term (2-3 days) and longer trips at the request of the Customer;
  • accommodation in a top hotel and resort complexes at the best rates;
  • corporate trips abroad all over the world, including exotic regions (from The Galapagos Islands and Oceania countries to Antarctica, the Arctic and the North Pole).
  • Regular tickets for aviation and charters

    The company has direct contracts with Russian and foreign carriers, which gives advantage on the conclusion of contracts with customers at airlines special prices with significant discounts on current tariffs. Such cooperation optimizes Customer travel budget by 3-5% in economy class and 50% in business class. When booking tickets for groups of 10 passengers, we use special group rates

  • Business aviation

    Efficient booking of business jet for the specified route, given by customer. Plane to be ready in 3-5 hours. Any meals on board. Cabin options.

  • Charter flights

    The efficient booking of large passenger capacity aircrafts as specified by customer. Standard and VIP-arrangement of the aircraft.

  • VIP rooms, business lounges

    Order VIP-lounges at departure and arrival airports in Moscow and other Russian cities.

  • Rail transportation

    We are the agent of «Russian railways», Russian railways «of the European railways» (Deutsche Bahn). Individual and group rates - 6 people.

  • Organization of leisure, conferences, seminars

    We are the ticketing agent of the Moscow Bolshoi Theatre, of the Moscow Bolshoi Theatre of the Moscow Bolshoi Theatre, of the Moscow Bolshoi Theatre, also of and ticket distribution centers (any entertainment events). We organize any excursions, sightseeing, historical, specific program guides, translators, and offer organization and holding of seminars, conferences of any level of complexity in the Russian Federation and abroad.

  • Motor transport

    Order any kind of transport with a driver at the time specified by the Customer, in large or small Russian cities, CIS and Baltic countries. Car hire abroad, with driver or without.

  • Insurance

    We are the agent of «Ingosstrakh» and «Uralsib» insurance companies in Russia. We make insurance policies during the travel and cancellation expenses (for tourist service order in our company).

  • Бронирование гостиниц, организация отдыха

    Договор с Заказчиком предусматривает значительное снижение затрат при бронировании гостиниц как на территории РФ, так и за рубежом. Экономия финансовых средств – от 5 до 50% от цены отеля. Отдых в выбранном Заказчиком месте - индивидуальный, семейный, групповой, экскурсионный, событийный, видовой.

  • Passport and visa support

    Our company helps in the execution of invitations for foreign businesspersons and tourists. We provide assistance for Russian citizen in obtaining visas for foreign states and assist in the issue of Common Russian passports.

  • Floral decoration

    Any floral compositions, decoration of halls, meeting rooms, exhibitions, customer’s reception. Greening of offices, care of plants. Wedding flowers in 60 Russian cities and 90 countries worldwide.


  • 1Through continuous and volumetric work directly with the airlines, we have the ability to enter into contracts with them to offer discounts in Economy Class from 3 - 5% to 50% in business class.
  • 2In the case of lack of space - their possible confirmation of the seat reserve.
  • 3Delivery documents specified in the contract to the customer 7 days a week - free.
  • 4Train tickets to Europe with no extra charge, at cost carriers.
  • 5Theater tickets at cost price due to direct contracts with a number of leading Russian theaters and the world, such as the Bolshoi Theatre, the Mariinsky Theatre, Opera de Paris&Bastille in Paris.
  • 6The company «Talarii» meet state standards, has all the necessary certificates and accreditation to work in Russia and abroad. Observing the policy of business trips, we provide the most complete range of services, single, transparent reporting on financial costs.

Mutual settlements

Client is provided with the primary accounting records together with travel documents, vouchers etc. The reporting is to be made in according to the conditions, reflected in the contract between the customer and the company. Statistical reports from the cost and performance Customer savings funds in the different bands.

Form of payment services to the Company

Cash, non-cash, credit cards. The company has an open account in the Russian Federation, Germany (in Ruble, Dollar, and Euro).

Customer Accounts

We are ready to work scheme for billing based on peculiarities of accounting Customer. This exposure of the primary accounting documents (invoice, bill of lading, counters texture), provision of mutual acts of reconciliation, both in electronic and in print species. In the event that the Customer has several legal entities (holding or Group Companies), we present a full statistical report on how companies Holding and all the holding as a whole. The primary accounting records at the same time issued appropriate codes of units and codes of the articles of the Customer costs significantly facilitates control over costs.


Moscow, corporate office:
Leningradsky prospect, 80, building 21 (Baltiyskaya 9, 2nd entrance, office 405)
Round the clock phone Nos:
+7 (495) 690-95-63
+7 (909) 961-21-55 for calls from mobile and SMS
+7 (800) 700-81-80 free from the regions of Russia


Альметьевск: 423455, г. Альметьевск, проспект Строителей, д. 10а (здание бизнес-центра «Шифа»)
Братск Офис 1 : ул. Рябикова, 35
Братск: ул. Олимпийская, 14, офис 2.68
Вильнюс: ул. Агуону, 5
Воронеж: 394036, ул. Арсенальная д.3, оф. 214
Екатеринбург: ул. Карла Либкнехта, д. 22, оф. 205
Ижевск: ул.Пушкинская, д. 173а, 1+ этаж офис 3
Иркутск: ул. Розы Люксембург, д.144, авиакасса
Иркутск1: ул. Седова, д. 38/1, оф.201
Казань: ул. Профсоюзная, 46/11
Казань1: ул. Дементьева, д. 1, в правом крыле здания КМПО
Бишкек: ул. Ленина, д. 68, Комплекс Ай-пери
Красноярск: 660017, Проспект Мира, 91, пом. 31
Ленинск Кузнецкий: ул. Шевцовой, 12, касса №4 (здание автовокзала)
Магнитогорск: ул. Карла Маркса, д. 102, оф. 43
Набережные Челны: Шишкинский б-р, 3А, оф. 1
Нижневартовск: ул. Омская, д.11, офис 244А
Нижний Новгород: 603000, ул. Короленко, д.19б, неж. пом. П26, ком.113, 122
Нижний Тагил: ул. Металлургов 1, корпус 5, оф. 101
Новокузнецк: пл. Побед, д. 1
Новосибирск: 630102, ул. Зыряновская, 55 к.1, офис 15
Омск: пр. К. Маркса д. 41
Пермь : ул. Пермская, д. 124, оф. 103
Ростов-на-Дону: 344010, ул. Красноармейская, д. 142/50, 3 этаж, к.37/4
Самара: 443030, Самарская область, ул. Мичурина д. 4, 2 этаж
Санкт-Петербург: Лиговский пр. дом 43-45 Литер Б, офис №409
Тюмень: ул. Пермякова, д. 1, строение 5, этаж 1, оф. 104
Ульяновск: ул. Гагарина, д. 1
Уфа: 450077, ул. Мустая Карима , 41, пом. 6
Хабаровск: 680551, Хабаровский край, Хабаровский район, с. Князе-Волконское-1, Военный городок №23, ДОС 34, 2 этаж
Хабаровск Аэропорт: 680031, Матвеевское шоссе, 28А, касса 10
Челябинск: 454091, ул. Васенко, д. 96 «Центральный дом быта», 8 этаж, оф. 808
Ярославль: ул. Кирова, д. 10, офис 309



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